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Waterbirds and late wildflowers

I took a nice stroll in the park this morning. On the way in, we saw a great blue heron, just standing on the shore near the Columbia boathouse and waiting for the tide to go out. On the way back, he was standing in a slightly different spot, and there were heron footprints on the newly exposed mud.

That bit where the tide had retreated also had a flock of peeps--I stopped counting at 16--darting around, stabbing at the mud, investigating the wet bits, the usual peep activities.

We saw a young cormorant land, and as we walked toward it, spotted a second. They stood there in the shallow water, and then spread their wings to dry in the sunlight. They were still there when we came back around. (We think "young" because their fronts were light-colored.)

A night heron (too far away to tell what kind) was perched on the upright in the middle of the inlet.

Also the usual mallards, swan, and herring gulls.

The air is feeling autumnal, and the jewelweed is almost done, but there were lots of bright blue dayflowers, and a wonderful blue sky.
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