A Wandering Hobbit (redbird) wrote in inwoodhillpark,
A Wandering Hobbit

Falconer suspended

Thomas Cullen, the falconer in charge of the program of reintroducing bald eagles to New York City and specifically Inwood Hill Park, has been suspended without pay while the Parks Department investigates a federal indictment for smuggling rare birds. He's also been accused of carelessness in the deaths of two bald eagles, including one of our introduced Wisconsin eagle chicks, and has an old misdemeanor conviction for international bird smuggling.

Overall, the reintroduction has a good record: 10 of the 12 eagle chicks raised in Inwood Hill Park have survived, and are somewhere out there in eastern North America. (It'll be another year or two before they're old enough to breed--then we'll see if any come back to nest where they fledged.) That's aside from the delight of watching young bald eagles circle overhead, or fly at each other.

This year's eaglets should be getting here soon, but the article doesn't say anything about how, or whether, Cullen's suspension will affect that.
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