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Reminder/invitation: berry-picking!

WHO: You!

WHEN: July 4th! sinboy and I both have the day off work, so we can go at whatever time works best for everyone else. If you'd like to join us, tell us when you'd prefer to go. I want to avoid the hottest parts of the day, so late morning and mid-afternoon are the most likely times.

WHERE: Inwood Hill Park's secret trove of wineberry bushes. We'll meet at the Crab Nebula (a.k.a. our place) and then head over to the park.

WHAT: Wear clothing that completely covers your legs to protect from poison ivy and brambles, and a hat and lots of sunscreen to ward off the July sun. Bring bottled water, and hard plastic containers for the berries. Depending on the time we pick, we may suggest bringing picnic lunch as well.

WHY: Because berries are tasty!

Care to join us?
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